Established in 2011, Activator Marketing Co., Ltd is Taiwanese Distributor/ sales agent, which have released more than 60 films in the past few years.



2020-2021 Line-Up

Chen Uen》by Wan-Jo Wang

Whale island》by Chia-Chun Huan 

《Shiro: Hero of Heroes》( in production)

《The Last Wilderness》(in production)

2019-2020  Line-Up

Ga-Tau Chang》by Lungnan Isak Fangas

Twelves nights 2》by Raye

A-Tien》by Yueh-Tzu SUN 

Andre and his olive tree》by JOSIAH NG

Water with Life》by Delta Electronics Foundation

Rock me to the moon》by Chia-Chun Huang

《Formosan B.B. is coming》by Jue-Ming Mai

Gold Fish》by Fish Wang

​《To Pluto》by Yen-Ju Lee

Time of Cherry Blossoms》by Shiu Cheng Tsai

Turning 18》by Chao-ti Ho

Run for Dream》by Mao-Sen Huang

​《Almost Perfect》(Taiwan only)

2018 Line-Up

Late Life - The Chien-Ming Wang Story》by Frank W Chen

High Flash》by Ching Shen Chuang

Tsunma, Tsunma: My Summer with the Female Monastics of the Himalaya》by Lifang Lin

The Moving Tent》by Singing Chen

Ça Fait Si Longtemps》by Laha MEBOW 

Hanzi》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Maker》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Design & Thinking》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Paradoxical》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Guo Mei》by Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu

Lobster Kid》by Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu

Nia's Door》by Lau Kek-Huat 


Film Marketing& Licensing


1. 影片版權代理

2. 單場公開放映,如:企業活動、影展邀約、學校教室放映、蚊子電影院授權。

3. 海外影展

Sin Wang 王芯

E-MAIL: ivymavis@gmail.com
TEL: +886-2-7730-2648 ext.305

●公播放映申請表單Public screening application https://goo.gl/XmiBZH

2017 Line-Up 

Formosa 3D》by Charlie Chu

Barkley》by  Li-Wei, Chiu

《A Journey of 35》by Lo Yi-Hsiu

Jump! Men》by Lin Yu-Hsien & Kuo Le-Hsing

Manfei》by En-Chen

All Because of Love》by Lien,Yi-Chi

God Bless You》by KingA

My Dear Art》by Hao-hsuan Hsu

Ah-Art》by Hao-hsuan Hsu

A Foley Artist》by Wan-Jo Wang

The Silent Teacher》by Maso Chen


  2016《Absent without Leave》​ 

           《Cycling Angels

           《Ode to Time

           《Daughter of the Nile》

           《If There is a Reason to Study

           《Go!Crazy Gangster

           《The 17th Journey of Compassion


  2015《The Walkers

           《Mountain Spirits

           《The Rocking Sky》

           《Wansei Back Home》

           《Wawa No Cidal》


           《Flowers Of Taipei - Taiwan New Cinema》

           《Fly Kite Fly》



           《Mazu Procession》

           《Meeting Dr. Sun》

           《A Rolling Stone》

2013  《Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE》                    (Taiwan Theatrical)

           《Rock Me To The Moon》(Taiwan Theatrical)

​           《Almost PERFECT》(Taiwan Theatrical)



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