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Activator Co., Ltd is a professional film marketing team in Taiwan and has been established over 10 years since 2011. The founders are well-known producer and actress Lieh Lee, entertainment entrepreneur Tien-Tsung Ma, and marketing pioneer Steve Wang. The goal of the company is to gather movie makers and talented people for working together and bring more great works to film lovers and audiences. For being the bridge between films and audience, the company focuses on film marketing, production, distribution, and sales in all genres of films. 

Activator Co., Ltd has distributed over a hundred films as a well-known film marketing brand in Taiwan, including “Jump Ashin! ”, “Beyond Beauty”, “Zone Po Site”, “Detention”, “i WEiRDO”, “Incantation", and created the box office record over 1.2 billion Taiwan dollars. 


Activator also produced essential film works recently, including “Formosa 3D”(documentary), “Late Life: Chien Ming Wang Story” (documentary), “Chen Uen”(documentary), “Lost Butterfly”(documentary), “i WEiRDO”(feature), “Dead Talents Society”(feature, in production), and “Papa Fuji’s Unexpected Journey”(feature, pre-production, won Grand prize of FPP in Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2021. In 2020 and 2022, Activator Co., Ltd won the best film marketing award at the Taipei Film Festival for “Detention” and “Incantation”.


牽猴子股份有限公司 成立於2011年2月至今,創辦人為知名監製李烈、文創企業家馬天宗、影視藝文行銷人王師,集合台灣中生代、新生代影視藝文菁英力量,立志為台灣影視藝文產業打造專業的整合服務。旗下業務範圍涵蓋電影策畫/製作/行銷/發行/版權銷售,長年專注於「擔任作品與觀眾間的橋梁」,全心推廣台灣在地優質影片,所服務之電影類型橫跨商業類型片、獨立藝術片、紀錄片、動畫片,是台灣首屈一指的專業影視宣發團隊。


2023 - 2024 Line-up

《Ro Ro Land》(animation 2025)

Trade War

Braving The Peak

Food & Design

Free Beats : The Musical Journey of CHEN Ming Chang

The Pig

The Clock

God Man Dog

The Bundled

My Sister

Listen before you sing

Jump Ashin!

Lan Ling 40th: Experimental Actors Studio

​《On the train

A Night with Moosina》(Taiwan only)

Lost Butterfly》 

Good Morni MIT》 

2022  Line-up

The Dreamer》 

Heibei, Taipei

Can you hear me

Universe Memory》 

Untold Herstory

《Dust of angels》4K version(Taiwan only)

The Funeral》


Shiro - Hero of Heroes

2020-2021 Line-Up

TaYou Lo – Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Lukang Concert documentary

《TaYou Lo – Yilan, Hualien, Taitung, Lukang Concert》series

The way home》by Elaine Wei  

​《Relationships》by Mu-ming Tsai​

Chen Uen - TV Series》by Echo Ko

Chen Uen》by Wan-Jo Wang

Whale island》by Chia-Chun Huan 

The Red Leaf Legend》by HSIAO Chu-chen

Grandma's Hairpin》by HSIAO Chu-chen

2019-2020  Line-Up

Ga-Tau Chang》by Lungnan Isak Fangas

Twelves nights 2》by Raye

A-Tien》by Yueh-Tzu SUN 

Andre and his olive tree》by JOSIAH NG

《Water with Life》by Delta Electronics Foundation

Rock me to the moon》by Chia-Chun Huang

《Formosan B.B. is coming》by Jue-Ming Mai

Gold Fish》by Fish Wang

​《To Pluto》by Yen-Ju Lee

Time of Cherry Blossoms》by Shiu Cheng Tsai

Turning 18》by Chao-ti Ho

Run for Dream》by Mao-Sen Huang

​《Almost Perfect》(Taiwan only)

2018 Line-Up

Late Life - The Chien-Ming Wang Story》by Frank W Chen

High Flash》by Ching Shen Chuang

Tsunma, Tsunma: My Summer with the Female Monastics of the Himalaya》by Lifang Lin

The Moving Tent》by Singing Chen

Hanzi》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Maker》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Design & Thinking》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Paradoxical》by Mu-Ming Tsai

Guo Mei》by Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu

Lobster Kid》by Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu

《Nia's Door》by Lau Kek-Huat 

Sales & festivals contact

Sin Wang 王芯
TEL: +886-2-7730-2648 ext.305

●公播放映申請表單Public screening application

Other proposals please contact
TEL: +886-2-7730-2648 



Formosa 3D》by Charlie Chu

《Barkley》by  Li-Wei, Chiu

《A Journey of 35》by Lo Yi-Hsiu

Jump! Men》by Lin Yu-Hsien & Kuo Le-Hsing

《Manfei》by En-Chen

《All Because of Love》by Lien,Yi-Chi

《God Bless You》by KingA

My Dear Art》by Hao-hsuan Hsu

Ah-Art》by Hao-hsuan Hsu

A Foley Artist》by Wan-Jo Wang

The Silent Teacher》by Maso Chen

2016《Absent without Leave》​ 

           《Cycling Angels》

           《Ode to Time

           《Daughter of the Nile》

           《If There is a Reason to Study》

           《Go!Crazy Gangster》

           《The 17th Journey of Compassion》


  2015《The Walkers

           《Mountain Spirits

           《The Rocking Sky》

           《Wansei Back Home》

           《Wawa No Cidal》


           《Flowers Of Taipei - Taiwan New Cinema》

           《Fly Kite Fly》





           《Mazu Procession》

           《Meeting Dr. Sun》

           《A Rolling Stone》

 2013 《Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE》                    (Taiwan Theatrical)

           《Rock Me To The Moon》(Taiwan Theatrical)

​           《Almost PERFECT》(Taiwan Theatrical)



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