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Relationships 關係未來式


DIRECTOR:   Mu-Ming Tsai 蔡牧民

★London City Film Awards

★Anatolia International Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

★Castellabate Film Festival, Castellabate, Italy

★Believe Psychology Film Festival, California, USA






Beginning from a 75 and 23 years old gay marriage that defies both cultural and age expectations, “Relationships” starts out with sociologist Julia Carter’s viewpoints on modern marriage being the result of rules, regulations, and consumerism. Alternative relationships such as LATs (Living apart relationships), Open relationships, Swedish concepts of Särbo, Sambo challenge traditional ideas of fidelity and marital structures, while the transition from an authoritative to democratic style of education prompts rethinking of modern families and parenting.

Lack of emotional education link to subjects such as toxic masculinity, stigmas towards seeking therapy and depression. Co-living options burgeoning in Asia redefine the meaning of home and community. When social and technological change impact modern relationships, how do we move forward in this ever-changing landscape of human connection?

Collaborating with filmmakers from the US, UK, Japan and Taiwan, "Relationships" includes interviews from Dr. Julia Carter, a sociologist & senior Lecturer at UWE in London; Joseph Bayer, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication at The Ohio State University; Luke Lee, CEO of The School of Life Taipei; also Chou Mu Tzu, Counseling Psychologist & Author of "Emotional Blackmail", gathering some of the most important figures and insight in the emotional education and mental health field. 


Sin Wang


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