Rock Me To The Moon 一首搖滾上月球 (2013)


DIRECTOR:  Chia-Chun Huang 黃嘉俊 (黑糖)

★TACCGC & APUC@Home with Taiwan Cinema: Love and Hope (U.S premiere)


This story is about 6 Fathers with average of 52 years old from different background forming a rock band and dreaming to hit the stage of the Sea Music Festival competing with all the young talents. This over-aged band is called “KunXiongBa,” meaning sleeping well is all they want, because other than work and music, they all have kids with rare diseases to take care of. Therefore, their music dream seems as difficult as Apollo 11’s mission of flying to the moon.

Men in Taiwan are taught to be strong, so all the sorrow and pressure can only be hidden inside. How will these rocker Fathers get rid of the stress and live their new life?





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