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Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story 後勁-王建民 (2018)


DIRECTOR: Frank W Chen 


Frank W Chen / Hai-Tao Wu / Brian Yang 


WYC Motions/ EBOS International Co., Ltd./ Activator Co., Ltd.

LA Asian Pacific Film Festival 2018
CAAMFest 2018
BEST DOCUMENTARY, Nominee - 55th Golden Horse Awards
AUDIENCE AWARD, Winner - 2018 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Orlando Film Festival 2018


Chien-Ming Wang was a supernova in Taiwan. His success as the Ace of the New York Yankees rocketed him into a cult-like status on the island nation. His face was so ubiquitous and his impact so meaningful, that he was donned the title of “Pride of Taiwan” - a national honor he was never fully comfortable with. Wang, a man of quiet, humble disposition, never sought out the attention. All he wanted to do was play.

We find Chien-Ming now at age 35, bouncing around the Independent and Minor Leagues, a fallen icon. The film delves into his comeback attempts, his life between endless rehab programs, his lengthy and often lonely stints away from home and family, and the inner struggles and weight he carries on his injured shoulders. We follow him as he works towards a singular goal: to fight his way back into the Major Leagues.

How much dedication and persistence does it take to realize a dream? How much courage does it take to make it back to the mound? Late Life: The Chien-Ming Wang Story tracks an extraordinary journey of an ordinary man, of someone who fell from the top and is willing to fight his way back up again.


對理想的執著跟堅持可以有多大?  重回球場需要有多少勇氣?

後勁 : 王建民記錄片是一部拍攝王建民旅美最後階段的紀錄長片,細載他旅美後起起落落的曲折棒球生涯,並探索他身為旅外球員的生活、改變他命運的重傷、深入刻畫王建民人性、真實的一面。  



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