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Chen Uen 千年一問 (2020)


DIRECTOR:  Wan-Jo Wang王婉柔

★2021 MOViE MOViE Anifest - Hong Kong premiere

★2021 Singapore Chinese Film Festival - official selection

★2021 Macao Arts Festival - official selection

★2020 Taichung International Animation Festival - Official selection

★2020 Taipei Golden Horse Awards - nominate the best documentary 





Chen Uen is the most celebrated artist in the field of comic art in Asia. His work is presented with a unique style of aesthetic that blends art forms of Chinese ink painting and western painting skills. His agility and skillfulness in using various materials has made himself unparalleled, which is regarded as “Chen Uen aesthetic.”

Chen Uen had set foot in in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Japan. He had rocked the art scene in Japan in the 90s with his work To Shu Eiyuden (East Chou Dynasty Hero Legend, 《東周英雄傳》). It had been awarded Excellent Prizes from Japanese Cartoonists Association. 

This film focuses on Chen Une’s art career, depicting Chen’s aesthetics of life through representing his works and interviewing with related persons. Chen Uen and his art works as center, this film also gives a brief overview on the scenarios of comic industries in greater China and Japan, trying to explore and carry forth Chen’s legacy.


Sin Wang


Tel.: +886-2-7730-2648 ext.305

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