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Listen Before You Sing 聽見歌再唱

TAIWAN|2021|FEATURE | 113 mins

Writer / Director: Chih Lin Yang
Producer: Wolf Chen & Feng Mei Chang
Starring: Umin Boya as “Bukut”、Ella Chen as “Yun Fen Huang”
Production Company: Neverland Entertainment Limited
Genres: Kids and Family, Indigenous Aboriginal, Vocal Music



An elementary school located on the deep mountain is facing a crisis of being abolished due to population migration. The gym teacher “Bukut” is assigned to form a choir, and to win the national choir contest to solve such a crisis.


With limited resources and no music background, teacher Bukut and a group of tone-deaf Bunun students, and the other lovely music teacher “Yun Fen Huang” started to prepare for the contest. On the contest day, the students hear other choir singing, but they refuse to get onto the stage because they believe their voice is different and, therefore is wrong...


Both teachers have to lure the students to finish the contest. Sadly, they do not win, but they still get big applause from the audience. For the students from a small school, the applause from thousands of audience creates a huge impact on them, which gets the teachers to think: What’s wrong with being different?


Maybe that is the core of the choir and the antidote to change people’s thoughts about them! 






Sin Wang

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