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MY DEAR ART 一個人的收藏 (2017)


DIRECTOR:Hao-hsuan Hsu


PRESENTED BY:Music Nation Ursa Major Limited

2017 Hong Kong Art Basel



When people were overwhelmed by the heatwave of the art market, they normally focused on one thing only: the glamorous power of the money. Although the public were very much curious about the art collection and would love to know better of art itself, there were very few documentaries of this mysterious universe. "My Dear Art" aims to face to this fabulous but also crazy art world from an Asian bourgeoisie collector's point of view.


The production team spent three months traveling around China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and London; interviewing artists, gallerists, auction houses, experts from the museums and art fairs. By discussing what is modern art and what is the value of an art piece? <My Dear Art> invites audience to inspect art market from different perspectives.


Sin Wang


Tel.: +886-2-7730-2648 ext.305

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