Whale Island 男人與他的海(2021)


DIRECTOR:  Chia-Chun Huang  黃嘉俊

​* 2020台北電影節 入圍最佳紀錄片、最佳配樂、最佳聲音設計

2020 Taipei film awards- nominated for best documentary/best music /best sound design




Taiwan is an island country. Although it is surrounded by the sea, its people fear the sea since the politics, the history and the religious beliefs held on this island make people turn their backs to the sea. 

Oceanic literature author Liao Hung-chi and underwater photographer Ray Chin lead the audience out to the sea and into the water. They prompt us to understand the sea and to think about the possibility that the ocean might become our lives and the future of our country. 

Taiwan is not only an island but also a sleeping whale. Since a whale does not belong to the land, it has to wake up and swim towards its future full of possibilities. 


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