Formosa 美力台灣3D (2017)


DIRECTOR: Charlie Chiu 

PRODUCER: Chih Neng Ho

PRESENTED BY: Studio Gene Young 3D Image Co.,Ltd


The iron casting master Kuo Chang-hsi started to learn iron casting from his father when he 13. He is now 74. Over 100 weapons in the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, directed by director Ang Lee, were made by him. Li Chun-hung was originally a bank clerk but decided to quit his job without a second thought after seeing his parents could no longer handle working at their kiln. Why would these people want to get involved in traditional crafts? It’s because they believe that culture and crafts need to be passed down to the next generation.

From the vibrant sea world to lush terraced fields, to mountain landscape, and to tropical fish and butterflies; from oil-paper umbrella master, drum-maker, the feather duster craftsmen, and to the tea-picking workers, "Formosa 3D" recorded 10 exquisite scenery, and 100 traditional craftsmen to remind us the beauty of Taiwan.


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