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Time of Cherry Blossoms 櫻時 (2011)

TAIWAN|2011|Animation |23 mins

DIRECTOR:  Shiu Cheng Tsai

PRODUCER: Yung-sheng Hsiao 

PRESENTED BY: Misogo Animation Sudio


2013​Tokyo Anime Award International Competition, First prize
2013​Tokyo International Anime Fair Open Entries Grand Prize
2013​Tokyo International Anime Fair Warner Mycal Award
2013​Work shown at Warner Mycal chain cinemas all over Japan
2012​Centre Pompidou, Taiwan Week, invited for screening
2012​Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taiwan Competition, First Prize
2011​Invited by Hong Kong Arts Development Council to Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival


This story is about a boy's adventure in the old and shabby temple where were burned by the secret reason.And the fantasy story happened unexpectedly and meet fancy friends and the spirit dolls.When he come back to the temple where was still gorgeous and bustling aforetime,and then the boy saw the accident  behind the old temple...




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