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The Bundled我叫阿銘啦
feature film | Taiwanese & Mandarin | 78mins | 2000 | 
Director: Singing Chen



◎”Best Feature Film” and “Best New Director” of the Taipei Film Festival, 2001
◎”Prix Special” and “Oecumenical Award” of the Fribourg International Film Festival, 2001
◎”Best Theme Song” of the Gorden Horse Award, 2000
◎”Best New Actor” nominee of the Gorden Horse Award, 2000
◎Vancouver International Film Festival, “Dragons & Tigers Award” nomination, 2000
◎Creteil International Women’s Film Festival, in competition, 2001
◎Brisbane International Film Festival, 2001
◎Flanders International Film Festival-Ghent, 2001
◎Fajr International Film Festival (Tehran,Iran), 2001


One day while wondering around a recycling depot, a homeless man called A-Ming comes across a video camera.Captivated by a tape remaining in the camera, with its images of a happy family, A-Ming goes around telling everyone that the family in the video is his. Still, nobody believes him.Over the course of his peregrinations, A-Ming meets Yong, a Taiwanese folk song busker who sings in an underpass after having lost his ability to work due to an accident on the job. The two become unlikely friends...

Whippersnapper, the former winner of a million-dollar essay contest, now lives on the street, but nobody cares and nobody seems to remember while he meander between reality and dreams. He shares his home in an abandoned car with Chun, known for his erratic and strange behavior. For Whippersnapper,life is like a dream, and like the second great work he has conceived in his mind for ages...

Wen Ping, a reporter, is the only person who still remembers Whippersnapper. She tries desperately to bring him out of his dreams, but in the midst of these efforts she ends up putting together an in-depth report on the homeless. Wen Ping interviews A-Ming, and believing his story, she broadcasts the entire videotape over the air...
A collection of homeless people lives surreal lives on the fringes of people's memories. Is it just a dream, a novel no one wants to read, or a cruel true-life news story?






Sin Wang

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