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【Late Life – The Chien-Ming Wang Story 後勁-王建民】will be screened at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival and

Late Life – The Chien-Ming Wang Story is going to be screened at LA Asian Pacific Film Festival and Center for Asian American Media Festival.

LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Screening Info: May/9 @ 6:30 pm |Regal L.A. Live - Theatre 12 opening (world premiere)

From LA Asian Pacific Film Festival: LATE LIFE: THE CHIEN-MING WANG STORY could be best described as a baseball version of LINSANITY. Directed by Frank W. Chen and produced by Brian Yang (coincidentally, who also produced the eponymous Jeremy Lin documentary), chronicles Taiwanese baseball player Chien-Ming Wang’s last ditch effort to be recruited back on a professional baseball team after a series of injuries disrupted his trailblazing career in the major leagues. Much like LINSANITY, the documentary is an up close and personal film that delves into Wang’s personal drive as a star athlete with a steely determination and resiliency that impresses everyone in his wake.

CAAM Fest Screening Info: May/12 @ 9:20 pm|AMC Kabuki 8 May/13 @ 6:40pm |New People Cinema

From CAAM Fest: A story much bigger than the game of baseball, LATE LIFE: THE CHIEN-MING WANG STORY follows the unbudging conviction of Wang and the unwavering support of family and friends. The emotionally charged sentiments from the people that are a part of his journey, along with the inspiringly candid confessions of Wang himself, come together to create a moving narrative that leaves you rooting for him. Director Frank W. Chen provides a unique look at the baseball through an Asian American lens to capture a narrative much grander than one of a Taiwanese baseball player in America, but rather a story of relentless resolve and love. — Chelsea Lee

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