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No No Thought


DIRECTOR:  Whai-En Chen (陳懷恩)

Present by | U-Theatre Culture & Arts Foundation(財團法人優人文化藝術基金會)

Co-produced | Activator Co., Ltd (牽猴子股份有限公司)

Production Company | ZIEGFELD FILMS CO., LTD. (奇霏影視製作有限公司)


In 1984, Liu left Taiwan and went to the United States to learn how to act from Jerzy Grotowski . On a ranch, Liu and other performers from all over the world trained day and night.

Liu Ruo-Yu returned to Taiwan and founded “U Theatre” in 1988, leading a group to experience the "Lake" project. By visiting masters from various places, they learned traditional skills from them, such as Tai Chi, drums, stilts, Taoist priests, etc. Through constant physical training,“U Theatre” had found an oriental performance method. Through meditation, drumming and martial arts, Liu's training and performance methods were established, transforming from external forms to internal pursuits. In 1998, “U Theatre” performed on the world stage with“Sound Of The Ocean” at the Avignon Arts Festival in France.

Now that "U Theatre" has been through thirty years, where will "U Theatre" go next?

1984 年,劉若瑀當時離開台灣到美國加州,向波蘭劇場大師果托夫斯基(Jerzy Grotowski)學習表演,在一座牧場中她與其他來自各地的表演者日以繼夜的訓練。


劉若瑀回到台灣,於1988年創辦了【優劇場】,帶領一群人一同經歷「湖」計畫,藉由拜訪各地老師傅 ,向他們學習傳統技藝,太極、車鼓、高蹺、道士等,透過不断地身體訓練,尋找著屬於東方人的表演方式 。1994年轉變為【優人神鼓】,透過靜坐、擊鼓與武術建立出優人的訓練與表演方法,從外在的形式,轉為内在的追求。1998 年,優人神鼓以《聽海之心》在法國亞維儂藝術節演出,一舉登上世界舞台。




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