Water with life (2019)
TAIWAN, Japan|2019|SHORTS, Documentary|46 mins

DIRECTOR: Takashi Komuro小室崇

PRESENTED BY: Delta Electronics Foundation台達電子文教基金會

★2020 ASIAN POP UP CINEMA-SEASON 11 (U.S. Premiere)

★53rd WorldFest Houston - Shorts Documentary Category - Gold Remi Award


“Water with Life” is the world’s first 8K environmental documentary. It is a groundbreaking collaboration between Delta Electronics Foundation and NHK Enterprises, and it has been broadcasted on NHK BS 8K/4K channel over 1 year. It features Taiwan’s waterscape throughout four seasons and takes audience to an unprecedented journey that enables people to see diverse lives relying on water and serious impacts caused by global warming. With 8K high resolution, viewers can take a close look into the water environment and destruction.

《水起.台灣》為全球首部8K環境紀錄片,由台達基金會與NHK Enterprises合作製作,在NHK BS 8K / 4K衛星頻道播放超過1年。紀錄片以台灣四季的水景作為觀察點,循著水流動的軌跡,記錄地球暖化下人們生活與水的關係。以8K專業攝影機拍攝,觀眾可近距離仔細觀察水的環境與破壞。



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