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Animation Film "Barkley" will be on PTS Channel 8/25

Animation film "Barkley" will be broadcast on PTS Channel this Sunday! "Barkley" is one of the favorite animation characters for kids. If you are bored with weekend activities, now it's a great time to enjoy this fascinating animation in this weekend with your family!

TAIWAN|2017|Animation |86 mins


CH 13 PTS Channel (Taiwan)

8/25(SUN) 12:30

8/26(MON) 00:04

Director's statement

The word " Family " loses its meaning after Fido suddenly lose his parents. He started his journey to get away from the fact. Unexpectedly he came into an animal city, met Barkley and other human like animal friends. Fido accidently found the city is dominated by a man who pretends to have infinite supernatural powers. This man convinced all animals to worship him unquestionably with dazzling tricks. Before dawn, he must make every effort with Barkley to reveal the secret.





整個「小貓巴克里」劇組兩岸超過 400 人,花了超過兩年的時間.談的是人與動物,愛與勇氣的奇幻冒險.非常適合全家大小一起來看。

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