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Short Animation "Time of Cherry Blossoms" a very moving story by Director Shiu Cheng Tsai

" Time of Cherry Blossoms" is a story about a boy's adventure in the old and shabby temple where were burned by the secret reason. Animation director Shiu-Cheng Tsai took years to complete this 23 minutes animation.

Director Tsai said, "Since I contact the time of a few year of animation, I research the computer animation and try to find the creative salience about visual images conception and the constitution of the story. I always propose a new creative viewpoints when I create animation images. I want to develop another way of decision about computer technology, not only cold computer images. There are warm feeling really , local emotion for Taiwan and the familiar culture images in my creation. The animation is one kind of important way of communication for me,for my country."

Share this trailer to your friends and let more people know SHIU-CHENG TSAI!

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