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【All Because Of Love痴情男子漢】is going to be screened at The Far East Film Festival

The Far East Film Festival is held in Udine, Italy. All Because of Love will be screened at the event.

From The Far East Film Festival: Targeted at the easily distracted YouTube generation, All Because of Love is one of the craziest romantic comedies to come out of Taiwan in years.

It’s hard to imagine how Lien pitched his weird blend of romantic comedy, Japanese teen comic book-style fantasy and classic Mandopop-infused musical to his investors, but it all somehow blends together into a colourful package that works.

More importantly, Lien places his affection for Taiwan and its pop culture front and centre with All Because of Love. It’s a love letter to the films, pop music and even comic books that influenced his generation.

Screening Info: April/23 @ 9:00 am | TEATRO

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