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【All Because of Love 痴情男子漢】will be screened at Kyoto International Film Festival

All Because of Love 「痴情男子漢」will be screened at Kyoto International Film Festival. Time: 10.14 (sat) 13 :00 Venue: TOHO Cinemas Nijo (TOHOシネマズ二条) Info:

The hero, Erkan, gets the courage to confess his love to the most beautiful girl in the school, Manli. But he gets beaten by Manli’s boyfriend. 1 year later, Manli comes to Erkan asking him to be the father of the child inside of her. He agrees without hesitation, but the love between the two of them goes in an unexpected direction. One of the highlights of the film are the scenes filmed in Kyoto.

Cast Kent Tsai,Dara Hanfman,Gingle

Work Data Director LienYi-chi Country Taiwan Year 2017 Copyright © T-LANG CULTURAL & CREATIVE ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LTD.

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