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【 A Foley Artist 擬音】2017 Xiamen Taiwanese Film Festival

Master Hu Ding Yi, a foley artist who has evoted 40 years of his life to the film industry, doing Foley for 70 films from 1975 was invited to attend 2017 Xiamen Taiwanese Film Festival.

Story about Master Hu Ding Yi (胡定一)

Born in 1952, Taipei, Hu was active when Taiwanese film industry was in its peak and over two hundred films were made each year. Trained by the award-winning Master Hsin Chiang-Sheng, Hu worked hard and cultivated his skills in various film genres including kung fu, romance, military education, patriotic war films, and Taiwanese New Wave films. Hu has received multiple Golden Horse Awards nominations for Best Sound Effects. Hu's works include Straw Man 稻草人 (1987), Banana Paradise 香蕉天堂 (1989), Vive l'Amour 愛情萬歲 (1994), Black and White 痞子英雄 2014...and than 70 films.

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