GO! CRAZY GANGSTER 風雲高手 (2016)

TAIWAN|2016|FEATURE|106 min

DIRECTOR:Chang Qing Feng


PRESENTED BY:Rui Sheng Broadcasting Company



“I love you, god!” A-Fong is ecstatic.


As a lousy pro-basketball player who has been known as “The Big Loser”, he somehow manages to win the heart of the beauty, Hsiao-Yun, who also hires him to be the coach of a female basketball team. When he arrives at NSHS, it turns out that the team is much lousier than himself.


A-Fong gives everything he has, and is just about to put the team back on track. However, right before the decisive match, the unexpected things happened. Hsiao-Yun is going abroad in anger, and the coach is passed out due to serious fever. 


“Never give up until your last breath!” Under such difficulties, the players recall the words by A-Fong. They believe that the team would win for certain, because they are the real CRAZY GANGSTERS!



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