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ALL BECAUSE OF LOVE 痴情男子漢 (2017)

TAIWAN|2017|FEATURE|114 min




★Golden Horse Award - nominated New Performer

★Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival - Official selected




Erkan is at the bottom of the school's food chain, and is a frequent victim of bullies. The one thing that Erkan wants to do on the last day before leaving high school is to reveal his affection to the most beautiful girl at school—Hung Man-li. There is a legend at Xinxing High School that whoever makes a heartfelt confession in the principal's office is sure to be successful! Working with his buddies, Erkan tricks Man-li into the principal's office. However, when Erkan summons the courage to confess his love for Man-li, Man-li presses the school loudspeaker button, which causes her current boyfriend Andy to come and give Erkan a good beating! 

After a year has gone by, Man-li suddenly shows up in front of Erkan, and asks Erkan to marry her, with the one condition that he will be a father to her unborn child. Erkan agrees to her request without hesitation! Little does Erkan know the series of problems he will face after saying yes: Man-li's brother and his gang try to track down and kill Erkan, forcing him to flee to Penghu. Erkan discovers that his own family has its own tradition of eloping, and his own mother is in Japan. Erkan then goes to Japan to look for her. Later, Erkan carelessly fools around with the innkeeper's daughter and ends up in a relationship with her. After Erkan he returns to Taiwan, Andy appears again! What will Erkan do next?


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